Rent a VIP Car for a Wedding in Minsk and Belarus (We work 24/7)
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Wedding cortege in Minsk and Belarus

A wedding celebration is a memorable event in the life of every person. Any wedding will be unforgettable if the newlyweds and their guests drive up to the registry office on luxury Mercedes. In these comfortable cars there is enough space for the bride in the most magnificent dress, and she will not worry to crumple or spoil it.

The chic appearance and smooth running will bring a lot of pleasure and will be remembered for a lifetime! And the wedding procession led by the Mercedes-Maybach car will become the highlight of the wedding ceremony, make the dream a reality for several hours and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and prestige.

When ordering cars for the wedding procession at VIP-TRANS, you can always count on comfort and high quality service.